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Lug nut magazine

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6557727.

A lug nut dispenser including a housing having an interior wall defining an elongate chamber for receiving lug nuts therein, an exterior wall, an upstream end for releasably receiving a drive impact tool, and a downstream end defining a port communicating with the chamber for permitting consecutive release and ejection of the lug nuts therethrough. A displacer ring is carried on the exterior walls of the housing and slides relative thereto. A displacer is connected to the ring and extends through a slot defined by and extending through the housing into the chamber. The displacer slides along the slot for moving the nuts downstream. The displacer includes a shoulder for engaging a nut positioned in the chamber for permitting sequential, axially-aligned movement of the nuts through the chamber. There are also at least two spaced-apart, flexible detent arms. Each arm has first and second ends. The second end includes a tip and is moveable between nut-retaining and nut-dispensing positions.

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