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Integrated capacitor bottom electrode for use with conformal dielectric

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6555432.

Disclosed is a capacitor construction for a more uniformly thick capacitor dielectric layer, and a method for fabricating the same. The method has special utility where the bottom electrode comprises composite layers over which the capacitor dielectric demonstrates differential growth during deposition. Exposed portions of an underlying first electrode layer, are covered either by a conductive or dielectric spacer, or by a dielectric padding. For the preferred embodiments, in which the bottom electrode comprises titanium carbonitride over rough polysilicon, a dielectric padding may be formed during a rapid thermal nitridation step, which causes silicon nitride to grow out of an exposed polysilicon sidewall. Alternatively, a sidewall spacer may be formed by deposition an additional layer of titanium nitride over the original titanim nitride strap, and performing a spacer etch.

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