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Microelectronic device assemblies having a shielded input and methods for manufacturing and operating such microelectronic device assemblies

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6548757.

Microelectronic devices having a protected input and methods for manufacturing such microelectronic devices. A microelectronic device has a microelectronic die and a support structure for coupling the die to voltage and signal sources. The microelectronic die can have integrated circuitry and a plurality of bond-pads coupled to the integrated circuitry. The bond-pads, for example, can include a reference voltage (Vref) bond-pad and a signal bond-pad adjacent to the Vref bond-pad. The signal bond-pad can be for a clock signal, a data signal, a strobe signal, an address signal, or another type signal for operating the integrated circuitry. The support structure can be a lead frame or a interposing substrate having a plurality of conductive members coupled to the bond-pads of the die. The conductive members can accordingly be metal pins in the case of lead frames or traces and solder ball-pads in the case of interposing substrates. Each conductive member can have a first end with a bond-site proximate to a corresponding bond-pad of the die, a second end defining an external connector, and an elongated conductive section connecting the bond-site to the external connector. The conductive members are generally arranged so that at least some of the bond-sites are arranged in a first row in which the bond-sites and a portion of the elongated sections are spaced apart from one other by a first gap width. The support structure can more specifically include a first conductive member having a first bond-site coupled to the Vref bond-pad by a first wire-bond line and a second conductive member having a second bond-site coupled to the signal bond-pad by a second wire-bond line. The first bond-site of the first conductive member can be spaced apart from the second bond-site of the second conductive member by a second gap width greater than the first gap width.

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