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Solid state thermoelectric device

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6548750.

The solid state thermoelectric device includes at least an array of metallic conductor and/or N-type and P-type semiconductor thermoelectric elements assembled on a printed circuit and forming thermoelectric couples electrically connected in series. The structure of the device is formed of at least a pair of laminated elements each formed of a supporting layer made of polymeric material and at least a layer of conductive material, a layer of joining material interposed between the two laminated elements of polymeric material for firmly connecting them one to the other. The printed circuit is made from the layer of conductive material of the laminated elements and electrically connects in series the thermoelectric elements to form thermoelectric couples having the hot or cold sides, respectively, on only one side of the structure. The structure of the thermoelectric device has a spirally or circularly wound configuration.

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