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Anvil design for rivet setting machine

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6546613.

The present invention provides a novel anvil for a rivet setting machine configured to drive a rivet into a workpiece within a riveting process. The anvil has a cavity therein configured to accommodate a deformation of the rivet and the workpiece during the riveting process. The cavity is defined by a main portion configured to support the workpiece during the riveting process and a relief portion that is proximate to the main portion. The relief portion is configured to provide an area into which the workpiece and the rivet deform during the riveting process. The relief portion includes at least one relief pocket configured to maintain an area which remains unoccupied by the workpiece and the rivet throughout the entire riveting process. The relief portion does not substantially hinder the workpiece and rivet during the riveting process and allows the workpiece and rivet to freely deform during the riveting process.

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