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Marital aid

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6540667.

A sexual assistance device and methods which may be used as a marital aid are disclosed which include two elongate members secured by a pivotal connection. A biasing element, such as a spring coil, is disposed at or adjacent the pivotal connection for biasing the opposite ends of the two elongate members away from each other. Respective supports are provided at the two opposite ends of the two elongate members which are engageable with the operator's legs. A sexually stimulating element, such as a vibrator or the like, is preferably removably attached to the pivotal connection. Thus, the operator may produce reciprocal longitudinal movement inwardly and outwardly, relative to the operator's body, by compressing and uncompressing the two elongate members with the legs of the operator thereby fully controlling movement of the sexually stimulating element by the legs of the operator. The biasing force is preferably relatively weak so as to permit easy closing of the operator's legs while still providing a suitable force to permit the legs to securely contact the ends of the two elongate members.

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