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Connection base assembly for memory cards and a detector thereof

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6540523.

A for memory cards comprises a base part and four guide piece sections. The base part is an integrated casing made by way of injection molding and provides a longitudinal spacing wall and two transverse partitions between an upper wall and a lower wall and between two lateral walls of a rear wall thereof respectively based on the width and the height of each of different types memory cards such that the front side thereof is formed with four slot sockets. Each of the slot sockets is provided with a plurality of grooves or engaging recesses corresponding to the number of signal terminals on the respective memory card. The guide piece sections are corresponding to the slot sockets respectively and each of the guide piece sections is located in and fixed to the corresponding one of the slot sockets and is composed of metal guide pieces corresponding to the number of the grooves and the engaging recesses. The metal guide pieces are bent and inserted into the grooves and the engaging recesses. Each of the guide pieces at an end thereof is a contact end received in the slot sockets and another end thereof is a connecting end. Once the base part is fixed to a circuit board and the respective guide piece at the connecting end thereof being soldered to the circuit board, each of the signal terminals can touch the contact end of the respective guide piece as soon as the different types memory cards are inserted into the respective corresponding slot socket, and the memory cards can be read out or written in data.

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