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Hat with adjustable band and interchangeable ornaments

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6539553.

The present invention 10 discloses a hat with an adjustable elastic band 20 for infants and small children having interchangeable decorative ornaments 14 and an elastic band 20 that may be adjusted accordingly to maintain the hat on a child's head 12 without increasing the stress applied thereto as the child grows. The elastic band 20 provides for air spaces 34 between the hat 10 and the baby's head 12 to provide ventilation 36 therethrough. A means 16 for removably securing decorative ornaments 14 such as flowers, butterflies, cartoon characters and the like is provided on an exterior portion of the hat. The present invention 10 provides a means for maintaining a hat that will not need to be replaced as often as hats shown in the prior art because the present invention could be adjusted accordingly as the child 12 grows and could also be accessorized to go with different outfits.

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