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Deceleration control of a personal transporter

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #6538411.

A system and method for automatically decelerating a personal transporter of the kind that has a controller for controlling the motion of the transporter. Upon detection of a fault condition, a goal value of a control variable is set, the control variable is adjusted at a specified increment in the direction of the goal value, and the prior steps are repeated until the control variable equals the goal value.A method is also provided that affords a user accelerated access to operation of a balancing personal transporter. The method has the steps of first initializing a single-axis stabilizer, and, while initializing a 3-axis stabilizer, alerting the rider that the transporter is ready for use, allowing operation of the transporter, and then completing initialization of the 3-axis stabilizer, and employing the 3-axis stabilizer for control of the balancing personal transporter.

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