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Recording medium conveyance method and apparatus for an image forming apparatus, and an image forming apparatus thereof

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6535698.

The present invention provides a recording medium conveyance method and apparatus, which can prevent a properly conveyed recording medium from being determined as jamming to thereby avoid an unnecessary operation of dealing with a jam. A timing measuring means 102 measures timing in which the recording medium passes a predetermined location downstream of a separation electrifier, which separates a moving recording medium from a photosensitive drum, in accordance with information acquired by a post-separation sensor, which detects the recording medium at the predetermined location downstream of the separation electrifier. A passage timing storage means 103 stores passage timing information acquired by the timing measuring means, a mean value calculating means 104 calculates a mean value of the measured timing in accordance with the passage timing information stored by the passage timing storage means 103, and a control unit 105 executes a control in such a manner as to perform a predetermined operation in accordance with information acquired by the mean value calculating means 104.

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