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Methods of etching insulative materials, of forming electrical devices, and of forming capacitors

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6528429.

In one aspect, the invention encompasses a method of etching insulative materials which comprise complexes of metal and oxygen. The insulative materials are exposed to physical etching conditions within a reaction chamber and in the presence of at least one oxygen-containing gas. In another aspect, the invention encompasses a method of forming a capacitor. An electrically conductive first layer is formed over a substrate, and a second layer is formed over the first layer. The second layer is a dielectric layer and comprises a complex of metal and oxygen. A conductive third layer is formed over the second layer. The first, second and third layers are patterned into a capacitor construction. The patterning of the second layer comprises exposing the second layer to at least one oxygen-containing gas while also exposing the second layer to physical etching conditions.

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