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Analytical method and apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6528322.

The invention relates to a method for qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative determination of at least two analytes in an aqueous sample containing or suspected of containing the analytes, which method comprises the steps of: (i) providing a flow matrix comprising a separation zone extending in a first dimension thereof, and a detection zone extending in the first dimension in a spaced parallel relationship with the separation zone, the detection zone comprising an immobilized reagent capable of capturing the analytes through biospecific interaction therewith, (ii) applying the sample to the flow matrix at or upstream of the separation zone, (iii) initiating a first essentially aqueous fluid flow in the flow matrix along the separation zone in the first dimension to transport the analytes through the separation zone to be separated therein, (iv) interrupting the first fluid flow and initiating a second essentially aqueous fluid flow in a second dimension of the flow matrix substantially transverse to the first dimension towards the detection zone to transport the separated analytes to the detection zone to be captured therein by the immobilized reagent, and (vi) determining the analytes in the detection zone. The invention also relates to an apparatus for carrying out the method.

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