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Vehicle lamp

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6527426.

A vehicle light having a multi-reflex optical system can include a light source, at least one pair of ellipse group reflecting surfaces located so as to substantially surround the light source. Each ellipse group reflecting surface can be symmetrical relative to the light source and have a first focus in the vicinity of the light source, a second focus, and a longitudinal axis perpendicular to an optical axis of the vehicle light. The same number of parabolic group reflecting surfaces as the ellipse group reflecting surfaces can be located substantially linearly, with each parabolic group reflecting surface having a focus on the second focus of the corresponding ellipse group reflecting surface and a longitudinal axis substantially parallel to the optical axis of the vehicle light. At least one shade can be located in the vicinity of one of the second foci of the ellipse group reflecting surfaces to provide a predetermined shape to luminous flux directed from the corresponding ellipse group reflecting surface.

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