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Head restraint for a vehicle seat

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6511130.

A head restraint for a vehicle seat has a holding element which can be inserted into a seat backrest in a manner allowing it to be displaced vertically. A padding support is arranged on the holding element which holds a padded headrest intended for supporting the head. A pivoting device is arranged between the holding element and padding support and is intended for setting the inclination of the padded headrest about a rotational axis orientated transversely to the seat depth. In order to provide a head restraint which is anatomically shaped and can be set in height and inclination in such a manner that in every position it forms a continuation of the contour of the seat occupant's back, the padded headrest has a padded tongue which is pulled out downwards over the padding support for the purpose of supporting the back of the neck. The contour of the front surface of the padded headrest and padded tongue reproduces the profile of the back of the head and back of the neck. The pivoting device is designed so that the rotational axis of the padded headrest lies outside the head-restraint structure and, in all possible vertical settings of the head restraint, always lies on the level backrest surface.

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