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Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus therewith

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6502818.

A sheet feeding device includes: a conveyance path along which a recording sheet is conveyed; a separation roller that separates a recording sheet and conveys it; a registration roller that stops temporarily a recording sheet separated and conveyed by the separation roller and further conveyed along the conveyance path, and conveys the recording sheet again toward the image forming position at the prescribed timing; a detector that is provided in the conveyance path between the separation roller and the registration roller, and detects the recording sheet; a recognizing device that recognizes fluctuation of conveyance timing of the recording sheet based on the results of the detection made by the detector; and a controller that conducts conveyance control for the recording sheet at the upstream side of the registration roller based on the results of the recognition made by the recognizing device.

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