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Sanitary panty

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6502250.

Provided is a sanitary panty including a front part, a back part, a crotch part located between the front part and the back part, a waist portion formed by an upper edge portion of the front part and an upper edge portion of the back part, a pair of leg openings defined below joining portions of both side edges of the front part and both side edges of the back part, a suspending member extending over the front part, the crotch part and the back part in a longitudinal direction, and an extension cloth extending from both sides of the suspending member located at least in the crotch part and the back part. The suspending member is gradually reduced a width from the waist portion to the crotch part in the back part. The suspending member has greater elastic modulus in a longitudinal direction than that in a lateral direction.

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