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Unique associated Kaposi's sarcoma virus sequences and uses thereof

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #6500663.

This invention provides an isolated DNA molecule which is at least 30 nucleotides in length and which uniquely defines a herpesvirus associated with Kaposi's sarcoma. This invention provides an isolated herpesvirus associated with Kaposi's sarcoma. This invention provides an isolated peptide encoded by the isolated DNA molecule. Further, this invention provides an isolated DNA virus wherein the viral DNA is about 270 kb in size; wherein the DNA encodes a thymidine kinase; and wherein the viral DNA is capable of selectively hybridizing to a nucleic acid probe selected from the group consisting of SEQ. ID NOs:10-12. This invention provides an antibody specific to the peptide. Antisense and triplex oligonucleotide molecules are also provided. This invention provides a transgenic nonhuman mammal and a cell line containing at least a portion of the isolated DNA molecule. This invention provides a method of vaccinating a subject for KS, prophylaxis diagnosing or treating a subject with KS and detecting expression of a DNA virus associated with Kaposi's sarcoma in a cell.

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