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Server for enabling the automatic insertion of data into electronic forms on a user computer

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #6490601.

Apparatus, methods, and computer program products are disclosed for constructing and transmitting an executable software module on a personal information server to a remote computer. The software module is constructed such that once received by a browser displaying a form, it is executed and user data is automatically inserted into an electronic form. The software module contains field names from a downloaded form and matching data items which are inserted into the form on the remote user computer. A method for constructing a shippable software module on a personal information server suitable for execution on a remote computer for inserting data strings into an electronic form is described. A form mapping containing a set of associations between fields in the electronic form ("non-standard fields") and pre-named fields ("standard fields") on the personal information server is retrieved. Each mapping is associated with a registered electronic form. A raw data file containing data strings, each data string corresponding to a pre-named field is retrieved. Each raw data file is associated with a registered user. The form mapping is utilized to attach a data string to the field in the electronic form where the pre-named field and the field in the electronic form have been previously matched or mapped.

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