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Apparatus and method for generating and circulating ozone for disinfection/sterilization of dental waterlines

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6482370.

The present invention uses ozonated water as a cleaning agent to eliminate bacterial and biofilm in dental water lines instead of using cleaning solutions. The ozonated water disinfects/sterilizes and cleans quickly and without leaving any residue, because the ozone quickly converts to oxygen and goes into the atmosphere. Thus, little or no rinsing is required after using the ozonated water to clean a machine or device. More particularly, the present invention utilizes an apparatus for disinfecting water to make it virtually microbe-free and maintaining it in a continuous microbe-free condition for use at a center for dental applications. Water is ozonated and provided for disinfecting water lines during a cleaning cycle and stored in a pressurized reservoir for use in a variety of dental instruments such as drills, syringes and an expectoration bowl.

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