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Method and device for continuously wrapping products

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6477822.

The invention relates to a method and device for continuously wrapping products, according to which, during the continuous feed of the products and respective intermediate wrappers which have four flaps to be folded, projecting in such a way that they are offset from the lower surface of the product, along a path with an instantaneous tangent extending in a first direction which may vary from point to point on the path, two opposite flaps make contact with respective first and second folding tools, located on opposite sides of an intermediate folding portion of the path. During their movement along respective closed paths, the first and second folding tools are subject to a first movement in a second direction transversal to the first direction, a second movement in the first direction, and a third movement, consisting of an oscillation about a relative longitudinal axis, so that each folding tool pursues and folds each flap, whilst remaining parallel with the instantaneous tangent and, therefore, with the surface of each product.

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