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Printed circuit board for semiconductor package and method for manufacturing the same

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6476331.

A printed circuit board for a semiconductor package, a semiconductor package, and methods for manufacturing the same are disclosed. One printed circuit board includes a core layer with circuit patterns formed thereon. The circuit patterns do not extend to a periphery of the circuit board. Each circuit pattern includes a bond finger and/or an input/output land. A solder mask is provided over the circuit patterns, except for bond fingers and lands. A first metal layer is plated only on the horizontal outer surface of the bond finger and/or ball land of the respective circuit pattern, and not over the remainder of the circuit pattern. The localized plating of the first metal layer enhances adhesion of the solder mask to the circuit patterns, enhances adhesion of an encapsulant to the bond fingers, and avoids waste of the first metal layer material.

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