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Twinkle light set

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6474841.

A twinkle bulb light set includes, alternately from one end of the light set to an opposite end of the light set, at least one standard bulb socket configured and dimensioned to operatively receive a standard or steady-burning bulb and at least one non-standard bulb socket configured and dimensioned to operatively receive a non-standard twinkle bulb. The standard and non-standard bulb sockets are configured and dimensioned to operatively receive only standard and non-standard bulbs, respectively. Preferably the standard bulb socket is smaller than the non-standard bulb socket in at least one dimension such that the standard bulb socket cannot operatively receive a non-standard bulb, and the non-standard bulbs have at least one dimension greater than that of the standard bulbs, thereby to preclude operative receipt of a non-standard bulb in a standard bulb socket.

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