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Close proximity transmitter interference limiting

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6473596.

A weaker signal receiving system inclusive of stronger nearby-sourced interference signal cancellation capability. Stronger interference signal cancellation is accomplished by actively canceling or subtracting from the received signal an intermediate signal in which the weaker signal has been attenuated but the stronger signal remains. Attenuation of the weaker signal in this intermediate signal is accomplished in a feedback loop arrangement by an amplitude-responsive signal processing element embodied from for example a ferrite material such as yttrium iron garnet disposed in a physical wave propagating and wave amplitude sensitive film. The cancellation or subtracting is accomplished using received signals and without need for a direct output sample of the stronger signal at its source. Military aircraft use of the disclosed system in the microwave and other spectral regions with transmission mode as opposed to reflection mode signal amplitude discrimination by the ferrite device is included.

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