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Reduced drag side flexing conveyor system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6471046.

A modular conveyor system having an improved side flexing conveyor belt and improved active guide rail is provided. One or more roller assemblies replace the passive inside or outside guide rails in a curved section of the conveyor system for reducing the drag force on the conveyor belt as it negotiates the curve. Pairs of articulated members interconnect roller assemblies and allow the relative angular position of each to be selectively adjusted. The improved side flexing conveyor belt includes side links having a curved skirt which bridges the gap between the side links, thereby providing a continuous bearing surface for smooth operation. The skirts of adjacent links engage each other in edge-to-edge contact to prevent the tendency to sag, as well as assisting the conveyor belt in ramping up and down and the retention of the conveyor belt along a return run.

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