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Image composition processing apparatus and method thereof

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6470100.

The present invention allows the positional relationship among a plurality of image layers constituting a composed image to be precisely recognized. More specifically, the present invention is directed to an image composition processing apparatus which generates a composed image which is a superposition of a plurality of image layers and displays it within a window of the screen. When the user designates one of the image layers and moves the pointer into the displayed composed image, the image composition processing apparatus converts only a predetermined area of the image layers above the designated image layer, for example, the area which is superposed in the range of a radius of m picture elements centering the coordinate of the pointer in the composed image, to a translucent state. When the image composition processing apparatus superposes the image layers a part of which is made translucent, a composed image which indicates to the user what position do the image layers above the designated image layer take with respect to those below the designated image layer in the periphery of the pointer is obtained.

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