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Amusement park having an elevated racetrack and associated methods

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6464593.

The invention discloses an amusement park comprising an elevated wooden racetrack built in combination with another park activity. The combination comprises a wooden racetrack surface extending along at least one portion elevated above ground level, and a support frame comprising a plurality of vertical supports connected to support the elevated portion above ground level, and another park facility constructed at least partially below the elevated portion of the racetrack to thereby conserve space in the amusement park. The combination includes a go-kart as the motorized amusement vehicle. The park facility constructed below the racetrack is selected from an amusement ride, a building, and a parking lot, the amusement ride being particularly a boat ride having bumper boats. An amusement ride includes a second racetrack operated at least partially below an elevated portion of the first racetrack, and sharing a pit area therewith. A method of generating revenue from the combination is also included in the invention.

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