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Mixer systems

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6464384.

A system for providing improved bulk liquid mixing and effective gas-liquid contacting for mass transfer of the gas to the liquid, especially a non-Newtonian liquid, the viscosity of which decreases when under shearing conditions (shear thinning), in an upright tank. An upright draft tube is mounted within the tank and has a lower end spaced from the tank bottom and an upper end spaced below the surface of the liquid in the tank. A plurality of mixing impellers in the draft tube are sufficiently close to each other to establish a field or pattern of agitation to cause shear thinning and upflow throughout the draft tube and which produces significant turbulence at the liquid surface. A plurality of radially inwardly projecting, circumferentially spaced baffles extend from the draft tube and are proximate the mixing impellers to prevent swirling of the liquid within the draft tube. The system may also contain a surface aeration impeller and gas may be sparged into the vessel in or adjacent to the lower end of the draft tube.

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