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Cooling bed roller inserts

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6464062.

A roller insert assembly is installed within a cooling bed plate including a plurality of spaced apart longitudinal members and a plurality of spaced apart transverse members which collectively define an array of pockets therebetween. The assembly includes a roller pivotal about a roller axis. An axle cooperates with the roller and is coaxially aligned with the roller axis. The axle has two end portions located at opposed axial ends of the roller. The assembly also includes a pair of bearing supports sized to fit within a pair of transversely aligned U-shaped cut-out notches. The U-shaped notches are formed in a pair of spaced apart longitudinal members. A bearing is mounted within each bearing support for pivotally engaging the axle end portions. The roller insert assembly is designed to orient an upper portion of the roller at a select height above the cooling bed plate to provide rolling support to a heated planar object positioned thereon during cooling.

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