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Method and computer program product for assessing neurological conditions and treatments using evoked response potentials

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #6463321.

A method is provided for diagnosing the presence of a neurological disorder or otherwise assessing the neurological condition of a patient. The method also allows the assessment of a treatment regimen used by a patient. The method includes the collection and analysis of ERP data. The method of the invention begins by conducting a plurality of ERP trials on a patient. In an embodiment of the invention, the data from the ERP trials is then characterized to produce a characterizing ERP signal vector for the patient. Projections based on the characterizing ERP signal vector are then generated. The projections are compared to information derived from the ERP data of patients having known neurological conditions. To perform diagnosis, the projections are compared to standards, such as one or more characterizing ERP signal vectors from known healthy patients, and one or more characterizing ERP signal vectors from patients known to have the disorder. The probable presence or absence of the neurological disorder is decided by a weighted vote of the projections, where the weighting is a function of how closely each projection compares to the respective standards. Projections can also be used to perform other types of neurological assessment, such as tracking a patient's response to a treatment regimen, assessing the treatability of a patient with respect to a particular regimen, determining the effects of a particular regimen, or categorizing a patient in order to create a homogenous group for a clinical trial.

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