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Optical modulator and optical modulation method

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6462857.

An optical modulator includes a magnetic ferrite single crystal, an optical source, a photoreceptor system and an analyzer. The magnetic ferrite single crystal has a transducer mounted and arranged to receive a microwave. The microwave is modulated by a signal having a frequency lower than the microwave. Light emitted from the optical source is introduced to the magnetic garnet single crystal and modulated by the microwave applied to the transducer. The photoreceptor system receives the modulated light that is emitted from the magnetic ferrite single crystal. The analyzer is provided between the magnetic ferrite single crystal and the photoreceptor system, and the analyzer is arranged such that a rotation angle of the analyzer about an optical axis thereof is shifted by an angle in the range of about 40 degrees to about 50 degrees from an extinct position at which an amount of direct-current light transmitted through analyzer is minimized.

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