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Multi-core optical fiber inspecting method and apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6456369.

An apparatus for inspecting a multi-core optical fiber having a plurality of cores arranged in one plane includes a light source 10 having a plurality of optical output terminals which are connected to the incident ends of the respective cores of the multi-core optical fiber and used for putting optical signals into the respective cores thereof; optical signal taking means (12 and 14) for taking out the optical signal emitted from the emission end of each core of the multi-core optical fiber in a time series mode according to the alignment order of emission-side cores of the multi-core optical fiber; optical signal detecting means (16 and 18) for detecting the optical signal thus taken out by the optical signal taking means; and signal processing means 20 for verifying core numbers of the respective cores of the multi-core optical fiber on the basis of the signal patterns of detection outputs of the optical signal detecting means.

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