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Method for measuring component of a gaseous emission

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #6454931.

A modified universal exhaust gas oxygen sensor, referred to herein as a CEGA sensor, is provided which can be used to measure the concentration of a variety of components of a gaseous fuel emission including CO, CO.sub.2, O.sub.2, H.sub.2, and H.sub.2 O. The CEGA sensor-employs at least one additional electrode on a ceramic substrate which possess a different catalytic activity relative to the electrodes that normally found on a UEGO sensor. The ceramic substrate may be made of any suitable ceramic and is preferably made of zirconia. The difference in catalytic activity between the additional electrode(s) and the electrodes native to the UEGO sensor create an oxygen gradient which enables a measure of combustion completeness to be calculated. In combination with an air/fuel ratio measured by the sensor, the concentrations of different components in the emission can be calculated. Several methods, devices and systems which can be used with various types of ceramic sensors including a CEGA sensor in order to improve their performance are also provided.

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