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Workstation container

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6454064.

A workstation container includes a container body having a front panel and a back panel wherein a receiving cavity is defined between the front and back panels for storing a computer therein, a container cover having a back portion pivotally connected to the back panel edge to edge for enclosing the receiving cavity, and a folding table pivotally connected to the front panel wherein the folding table includes at least a side work table slidably extended from a side of the folding table. The folding table is adapted for pivotally folding from a closed position to an opened position wherein in the closed position, the folding table is unfolded to enclose the receiving cavity, and in the opened position, the folding table is outwardly folded in a horizontal position with respect to the front panel for rigidly supporting the computer on the folding table.

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