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Hydro-thermal dual injected vacuum system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6449799.

A vacuum system is described in which a hollow vacuum housing is provided with an intake plenum leading from an open bottom housing end of the housing to a vacuum line connector. A vacuum pump is attached to the vacuum line to produce suction through the intake plenum. A hot air housing is situated within the hollow vacuum housing and includes a hot air discharge plenum. The hot air discharge plenum is defined by a wall within the intake plenum, leading from an open bottom end that is substantially circumscribed by the intake plenum. A hot air blower on the hot air housing moves hot air downwardly. The hot air moves against the surface being cleaned or dried and is subsequently drawn back upwardly through the intake plenum. At least one and preferably two compressed injection air discharge lines are positioned within the hot air housing. Each line includes compressed injection air discharge openings oriented to direct air downwardly and angularly toward the intake plenum, carrying the hot air in the same direction. A fluid discharge line is positioned within the intake plenum adjacent the bottom end and includes fluid discharge openings oriented to direct pumped fluid downwardly and angularly toward the bottom end of the hot air discharge plenum to impinge upon the surface being cleaned and to be subsequently drawn into the intake plenum.

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