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Thermostat and method for controlling an HVAC system with remote temperature sensor

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6449533.

A thermostat adapted to be connected to a climate control system for operating the climate control system. The thermostat comprises a main unit having a microprocessor, a keypad connected to the microprocessor for operating the thermostat, and a sub-base. The sub-base is adapted to communicate with at least one remote temperature sensor and provide information from the remote temperature sensor to the microprocessor. The sub-base comprises either a first sub-base assembly or a second sub-base assembly. The first sub-base assembly is adapted for connection to the remote temperature sensor via a wire lead. The second sub-base assembly has a receiver adapted for wireless communication with the remote temperature sensor. The main unit is releasably connectable to the sub-base in a manner so that when the main unit is connected to the sub-base, the main unit is adapted to receive from the sub-base the information from the remote temperature sensor regardless of whether the sub-base constitutes the first sub-base assembly or the second sub-base assembly.

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