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Stable hyperforin salts, method for producing same and their use in the treatment of alzheimer's disease

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6444662.

Described are salts of hyperforin and adhyperforin of formula Iwherein m is an integer from 1 to 3, p is equal to m and gives the total number of positive charges of the residue [B], [A.sup.- ] is an anion of formula II with n=0 or 1 ##STR1## and [B].sup.p+ is an ion of an alkali metal or an ammonium ion of a salt-forming nitrogen base of formula III ##STR2## wherein R1 through R4 have a variety of meanings including hydrogen, alkyl, cycloalkyl and similar groups which in turn may be substituted with one or more substituents. The salts serve inter alia for enriching or purifying hyperforin and adhyperforin from St. John's Wort extracts. Pharmaceutical preparations containing the salts are used for treating Alzheimer's Disease.

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