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Software architecture for message processing in a distributed architecture computing system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6442619.

A distributed architecture computing system includes one or more processors and object-oriented control program for processing request-type and response-type messages provided by a messaging service. The request-type messages are associated with one or more newly requested operations, and the response-type messages are associated with previously requested operations. The control program for the distributed architecture computing system includes a common server object for receiving and processing the request-type and response-type messages, and a specialized factory object for receiving the request-type messages from the common server object and creating a specialized request object for processing each of the request-type messages. Each of the request objects includes process request and process response methods for performing the requested operation, maintaining state information associated with the requested operation and generating the response-type messages. In addition, the control program includes a receive mailbox object associated with the common server object for accessing the request-type and response-type messages bound for the common server object, a send mailbox object associated with the common factory object for sending the response-type messages to the receive mailbox object, and a message object for buffering message data included in the request-type and response-type messages.

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