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Air conditioned cart

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #6435293.

A cart sealed for cooling having a battery powered electrical drive including an electrically powered mechanical air conditioner, a generator for powering the air conditioner, an outside power outlet powered by the generator, and a battery charger powered by the generator. The generator is wired to the charger to recharge the batteries for the cart when power requirements of the other units allow. There is an insulated case for the generator and a muffler-baffle system for quieting the exhaust from the generator through a series of baffles. A separate fuel supply for the generator is provided so the generator does not drain the motive drive fuel. A misting unit may be used to control the moisture level in the interior of the cart. A control panel in the interior of the compartment is used for controlling the generator, the air conditioner or both. A system of recirculating ducts insures that air within the interior of the cart is run through the air conditioning unit and then returned to the cart interior after it has been cooled so that recirculating air and not exterior air is cooled or heated depending on the setting of the air conditioning unit.

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