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Cushioning conversion machine

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6432032.

A cushioning conversion machine for converting a sheet-like stock material into a dunnage product includes a frame having an upstream end and a downstream end, conversion assemblies, mounted on the frame, which convert the sheet-like stock material into a continuous strip of a dunnage product, a feeding assembly, mounted on the frame, for feeding the stock material through the conversion assemblies, a cutting assembly, mounted on the frame downstream of the conversion assemblies, which cuts the continuous strip of dunnage into a section of a desired length, and a diagnostic device which monitors the operation of the machine, the diagnostic device including, a sensing device for sensing the mode of operation of the feeding assembly and the cutting assembly, a processing device which determines improper operation of the feeding assembly and the cutting assembly for the sensed mode of operation and generates signals in accordance with such improper operation, and a displaying device which displays codes corresponding to the generated signals for improper operation.

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