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Hyperpolarized gas containers,solenoids, transport and storage devices and associated transport and storage methods

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #6430939.

A compact portable transport unit for shipping hyperpolarized noble gases and shielding same from electromagnetic interference and/or external magnetic fields includes a means for shifting the resonance frequency of the hyperpolarized gas outside the bandwidth of typical frequencies associated with prevalent time-dependent fields produced by electrical sources. Preferably the transport unit includes a magnetic holding field which is generated from a solenoid in the transport unit. The solenoid includes a plurality of coil segments and is sized and configured to receive the gas chamber of a container. The gas container is configured with a valve, a spherical body, and an extending capillary stem between the valve and the body. The gas container or hyperpolarized product container can also be formed as a resilient bag. The distribution method includes positioning a multi-bolus container within the transport unit to shield it and transporting same to a second site remote from the first site and subsequently dispensing into smaller patient sized formulations which can be transported (shielded) in another transport unit to yet another site.

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