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Mechanical loading of a land grid array component using a wave spring

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6430050.

A method and substrate using a wave spring to clamp a component to the substrate. One embodiment of the invention involves a method to use a wave spring to clamp a component to a substrate. The method includes placing the component on the substrate, placing a structure having holes on the component, placing a number of wave springs on a corresponding number of bolts, inserting the bolts into the holes in the structure, and attaching the bolts to the substrate. A second embodiment of the invention involves a substrate with an electrical contact area, an interposer placed on the electrical contact area, a component placed on the interposer, a block having holes placed on the component, bolts and wave springs inserted in the holes, wherein the bolts and wave springs clamp the component, the interposer and the substrate together on the electrical contact area of the substrate.

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