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Reflecting type liquid crystal display device

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6429920.

An object of the invention is to obtain achromatic display with high contrast and high lightness. A reflection type liquid crystal display device of NB mode comprises a liquid crystal cell having an STN type liquid crystal layer; a first phase difference plate; a second phase difference plate; a polarizing plate, the first and second phase difference plates and polarizing plate being disposed on one surface of the liquid crystal cell in this order; and a reflecting layer disposed in the liquid crystal cell, the reflecting layer forming the other surface of the liquid crystal cell. The liquid crystal layer retardation .DELTA.nLC.dLC, the first phase difference plate retardation .DELTA.n1.d1 and the second phase difference plate retardation .DELTA.n2.d2 are selected from the ranges of 660 nm to 830 nm, 120 nm to 240 nm and 300 nm to 430 nm, respectively. A twist angle .chi. is selected from the range of to Predetermined angles .theta., .phi. and .phi. are selected from the ranges of to -75 , to and to, respectively.

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