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Process for the preparation of vinylic polymers, polymerization initiator for vinylic monomers, and styrene resin composition

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6429273.

A process for producing a vinyl polymer which comprises carrying out anionic polymerization under the condition that the polymerization temperature is not lower than C. and not higher than C. and the concentration of the vinyl monomer based on the polymerization solvent is 45-100% by weight, wherein the metal of the cation forming a counterpart to the carbonic anion at the polymerization propagating species consists essentially of Mg, or Mg and M.sup.1 wherein M.sup.1 is at least one alkali metal selected from the group consisting of Li, Na and K, and the molar concentrations of the metals of Mg and M.sup.1 satisfy the relation of [Mg]/[M.sup.1 ].gtoreq.4, the invention also relates to a vinyl monomer polymerization initiator comprising (R.sup.2).sub.2 Mg wherein R.sup.2 is a hydrocarbon group.

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