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Robotic library design for a storage cartridge pick and place mechanism

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6424111.

A robotic library design for a mechanism that picks and places storage cartridges having a robotic shuttle assembly that moves parallel to the storage cartridges, a moveable stage that moves perpendicular to the storage cartridges, and a pair of gripping finger to retain, extract, and deposit the storage cartridges within the library subsystem. The pair of gripping fingers, initially biased in a closed position, are cammed open by the edges of the storage cartridge upon the moveable stage's approach and close upon engagement with the storage cartridge's notched recesses. The storage cartridge is moved within the library subsystem and is delivered to its destination when a solenoid activates a mechanical trigger that releases the pair of gripping fingers. The moveable stage completes the storage cartridge's delivery and resets for its next instruction.

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