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Multi-flavored hot beverage dispenser

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6419120.

Discloses a multi-flavour hot beverage dispenser apparatus adapted to dispense a selected flavour hot drink. The dispenser apparatus has hopper to hold a base powder. The hopper includes a hopper dispenser outlet including a motor driven auger to dispense the base powder from the hopper and a hot water boiler and hot water dispense valve. The hot water boiler has controlled heating means to heat the water to the desired temperature. A plurality of liquid flavour dispensers is provided with one or more dispensers selectively activatable to dispense a flavour syrup to flavour the dispensed hot drink to the desired flavour. The liquid flavouring supply is remote from the beverage dispenser allowing a compact sized dispenser which requires minimal counter space that does not increase with increasing flavour selection offerings. A mixer mixes the hot drink constituents to produce the selected flavour of hot drink indicated by a user by depressing a dispense key corresponding to the desired size and flavour of drink to be dispensed. A portion controlled or push and hold dispense cycle is described. In addition, drink constituent supply sensors are disclosed which operate to disable hot drink dispensing when a supply is low.

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