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Stereoscopic CG image generating apparatus and stereoscopic TV apparatus

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #6417880.

The stereoscopic CG image generating apparatus and a stereoscopic TV apparatus, has a projection transformation section which, based on three-dimensional structural information describing a three-dimensional shape of an object, generates a plurality of two-dimensional projection models as viewed from a plurality of viewpoints, a distance information extraction section which generates a camera-to-object distance information used for calculations in the projection transformation section, and a camera parameter determining section which, based on the output of the distance information extraction section, the screen size of a stereoscopic image display device for displaying finally generated two-dimensional projection models, and a viewer's viewing distance, determines camera parameters so that stereoscopic CG images will be brought within the viewer's binocular fusional range. According to the thus constructed stereoscopic CG image generating apparatus and stereoscopic TV apparatus, proper camera parameters (focal length or field of view, camera spacing, and converging point) are determined based on the camera-to-object distance information, the magnitude of parallax of the generated stereoscopic CG images on the display device (or in a window on the display screen), and the viewing distance, so that easy-to-view stereoscopic CG images are automatically generated regardless of the display size, and by horizontally translating left-eye and right-eye images, binocular parallax of displayed images is automatically brought within the viewer's binocular fusional range regardless of the size of a stereoscopic display used.

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