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Apparatus for mixing, grinding, dispersing or emulsifying

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6412714.

An apparatus for mixing, grinding, dispersing or emulsifying including a rotatable drive, a rotor body connected for rotation with the drive and having at least one aperture for fluid flow through the rotor body and a flow divider plate structure extending within the rotor body for preventing conglomeration of particulates contained within the fluid in the rotor body. Preferably, a stator body is secured outside of the rotor body and each of the rotor and stator bodies include respective apertures for allowing fluid flow therethrough. The flow divider plate structure prevents the usual swirling action of liquid and solid particulates within the rotor body such that the mixture has a more desirable flow pattern and so that particulates do not conglomerate to form a mass that clogs the rotor body. Further aspects and embodiments of the invention provide advantageous seal structure and structure for increasing productivity.

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