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Necktie-setting clip

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6412673.

A necktie-setting clip includes an inverted triangular front shell defining a wide and flat top opening and a narrow and deep bottom opening for a necktie to extend through the top and the bottom openings to locate behind the front shell. A pressing member is pivotally connected to a rear side of the front shell. When the pressing member is turned to a horizontal position perpendicular to the front shell, the necktie-setting clip could be adjusted to a desired position on the necktie, and when the pressing member is turned to a downward vertical position parallel to the front shell, the necktie-setting clip presses the necktie against the front shell. The necktie-setting clip replaces a conventional tie knot and makes the setting of the necktie around the user's neck easily, and may serve as an ornament on the necktie.

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