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Centrifugal paint roller cleaner

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6408862.

A centrifugal paint roller cleaner is provided wherein a used paint roller brush with fresh paint on it is rotatably secured within a cylindrical housing member and liquid is introduced into the housing member as a high energy single jet spray via an injector assembly that slides within an aperture that runs longitudinally along the length of the aforementioned housing member. The injector assembly swivels radially within the guiding passage to adjust the angle at which the high energy single jet single spray strikes the roller brush thus allowing the operator to regulate the axial rotation of the roller brush and the impact of the jet spray striking the paint absorbed to the nap of the roller brush. The axial rotation of the roller brush creates centrifugal force that serves to expel the loosened paint and water from the nap of the brush and into the fluid traveling within the area between the outer surface of the brush and the interior wall of the housing. The circumferential surfaces of the outer brush and interior wall of the housing member are concentric and provide for corresponding movement of liquid. Deflectors which extend angularly and longitudinally from the interior wall disturb the laminar flow and redirect the liquid back towards the outer surface of the brush and away from the apertures located within the housing member to enhance both the cleaning and propulsive properties of the circulating liquid while rendering the operation splash proof.

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