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Method for manufacturing an engine cradle for a vehicle frame assembly

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6408515.

A method for manufacturing an engine cradle for use with a vehicular body and frame assembly includes the initial step of selecting desired materials for each of four hollow members that will be secured together to form the engine cradle. The selected materials can include metallic materials, such as steel, aluminum, magnesium, and non-metallic materials, such as fiber and other composites, or any combination thereof. The selected materials are formed into desired shapes using any known method, such as by hydroforming. Then, portions of the four members are disposed in a telescoping relationship with one another, such as by providing protrusions on some of the components and disposing the ends of the other components in a telescoping relationship with such protrusions. Lastly, the telescoping portions of the members are secured together using any securement method, including laser, MIG, or electromagnetic pulse welding techniques and adhesive bonding.

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